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Ground Based Disciplines

Hand Balancing​

This grounded class includes core conditioning, wrist exercises and shoulder and arm strength and flexibility work all while having fun learning how to master handstands, headstands, and shoulder stands. These classes are aimed at complete beginners as well as anyone already comfortable upside-down.


Splits & Spreadies

This open level stretch and conditioning class is focused on safe techniques to enhance your active and passive splits. This class is a great way to support whatever your goals may be – both on the floor and in the air. We offer a range of exercises based on your individual flexibility needs.


Back & Shoulder Flexibility

This open level class is aimed to help strengthen and stabilize the hip flexors, lower back, core, upper back, shoulders, and neck supporting your back & shoulder flexibility. Exercises will be given for all levels whether you are still learning to push up into a bridge or are comfortable in a variety of backbends on the ground or in the air.


Hula Hooping

Think hula hooping is just for kids?  Why should they have all the fun? Hula hooping is a fantastic low-impact workout that gets your heart rate up while strengthening your core and much more. This cardio-based class will give you a full body workout. If you are looking for a fun way to mix up your work outs try this upbeat class.


In this class you'll build a strength and flexibility foundation for tumbling using the power track and mats. Drills will be tailored to your level and may include landings, rolls, cartwheels, handsprings, tucks, walkovers and more. 

Ballroom Dance

No partner required. Terrified of the dance floor? Not sure you're moves will get you through the wedding backlog? Or maybe you're looking to deepen a connection with your partner. Learn to bring a little class with you everywhere you go. Our Ballroom dance classes are designed for those with two left feet; and, for those who never want to leave the dance floor. Offering: Salsa, Cha Cha, Mambo, Samba, Swing, Merenge, Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot & Tango.

Roller Skating

You'll learn all the tips and tricks to feel safe, smooth and confident on roller skates. Suitable for those new to roller skating and those with experience. Get moving, learn and master starting and stopping and add tricks and skills to your skating repertoire.

Lyrical/Contemporary Dance

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." - Carol Welch. 

 Come dance and move to the rhythm of what you interpret the moment to be. While learning the fundamentals of floor dance and choreography, join in the excitement of movement as seen on shows like So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance. Our easy to learn, one hour class will leave you feeling lighter, having expressed and channeled the energy from your day.

Pole Arts


Beginner Pole Arts​

If you have never tried pole dancing, this is the class for you. You will learn the basics of pole dance including spinning and climbing. In this level, you will build the strength needed to prepare for inversions.

Intermediate Pole Arts

Designed for those who have been working on climbs and spins and are ready to begin inverting. This class will focus on more advanced climbs and spins and building the strength and technique needed for inverted moves. Students must be comfortable with climbs, beginner spins, fan kicks and pole crunches to register for this level.

Experienced Pole Arts

Sky's the limit! This class focuses on taking what you know to the next level including power spins, more advanced inverted moves and transition and combinations of aerial tricks. Students must be comfortable with spins, climbing, aerial inverts, leg hangs, and inverted D to register for this class.

Professional Pole Arts

*Sign-up for this level is permitted by approval of the instructor only.  This specialty class is designed to challenge the advanced performer/instructor with higher level strength and flexibility tricks, transitions, and drops to further their knowledge and skill set.

Aerial Arts



Suitable for those new to aerial hoop/trapeze and those with experience. You will develop core strength and flexibility while while learning techniques mount, dismount along with basic poses and transitions. Get ready to swing and spin in the air.

Intro to Silks/Hammock

This is a class for beginners that will start right at the basics and teach you the fundamentals of aerial fabric. You will get stronger as you learn how to climb the aerial silks, invert yourself into new poses, and develop flexibility within your strength. This class will help you develop the wrap knowledge and confidence to move into Aerial Silk/Hammock class.

Inter/Experienced Silks/Hammock

In this class you will continue to build on the foundations taught in our Intro to Silk/Hammock class. Increasing and challenging your knowledge of fabric wraps we will build sequences and learn new progressions in the air. This class will also include an introduction to fabric drops. Come fly with us! Students must be comfortable with moves from intro to silks or have permission from instructor.

Aerial Pole

This class is suitable for those who have never tried aerial pole and those with basic experience. The aerial pole, or flying pole, blends pole arts and aerial arts. The fundamentals of aerial pole will be taught including swinging, spinning, static moves and positions.

Hang + Roll

Aerial Hammocks are relax your muscles, lengthen and strengthen them. The hammock is used to relieve pressure on your joints and increase body awareness. Massage balls are used to alleviate tension preparing your muscles for deeper stretching. Soft rock from years past playing while you take this class that will leave you feeling like Jello.


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